Setting the Standard

Whilst we have relevant industry accreditations at Blue Sky Building, we want to be industry leaders, not just meeting standards but setting them.

'The Book' is a collation of best practice, experience and innovation that will ensure we are leading the industry. It clearly sets out expectations of what we require, from both our teams and our supply chain and will help define our future.

Selfridges Phase 1

Quality, Health & Safety

Delivering Quality – Safe & Sound defines the way we do business. It is based on a simple premise that you cannot just turn up unprepared on site and expect to produce a quality product, to time and budget. You have to plan for it! If you plan correctly, you would never set out to complete the works in unsafe conditions or in an unsafe manner. You would always utilise operatives with the right skill set and attitude and the right materials, tools and equipment to do the job.

The Postal Museum


As a professional management company we realise that our business activities have a low impact on the environment.

However, we recognise the great impact our people have on the environment when carrying out their roles for our Clients.

Our commitment is to help our Clients achieve their own aspirations and goals by continuously driving them towards more sustainable outcomes.