In a word - Excellence

Our Mission

At Blue Sky Building, no resource is more valuable than the people charged with delivering our vision. Our principles are excellence, quality and safety and the values underpinning our work are intelligence, honesty, integrity and trust.

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The Why Behind

We’re different from the rest because we provide client specific, individually tailored teams and services, unique in every way except one – they’re all truly excellent

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Our People

We are an agile business. The people we employ are the best in the industry, combining experience, integrity and hands-on expertise. Whilst Blue Sky Building is relatively small, the owners and staff are nearly all from major contractors, with years of experience across a multitude of sectors and building types, whether new build or refurbishment.

Frank Bennet

Gavin Bertie

Benn Chandler

James Daniel

Jason Daniel

Julian Daniel

Phillip Duggan

Will Johnston

John Jones

Wilson Kwong

Samantha Larden

Peter Magona

Sarunas Martinkus

John McLoughlin

John Mendelsohn

Maahi Mohammed

Terrence Mountain

Chris Putney

Cleo Ramos

David Singer

Kerry Sims

Regan Summers

Graeme Tait

Hugh Taylor

Iain Taylor

Our Supply Chain

The Best Talent in the Industry

Trade contractors are the best in the business. These expert firms offer a wider range of skills, greater technical ability and a more holistic view than traditional sub-contractors. This means that there are typically fewer contractors under construction management, and that they can work more closely together from earlier in the process. Trade contractors are more knowledgeable about building design and interface management, which allows them to fix costs at an earlier stage and means less conflict and fewer gaps in scope.

Under a trade contract, each specialist is required to collaborate and coordinate with other trades. This creates a team of experts in their fields, working proactively with the construction manager and the design team to deliver the right product, on time and on budget.